Early Newmans by Generation

as Compiled by Bruce G. Davis, Oct. 1987

Walter Newman (1662 - January 1729) 67 yrs. old

Walter was the first Newman researched. He was born in Ireland in 1662. He died in January 1729 in Cecil County, MD. He was married to Mary Brooks sometime between 1676 and 1689 in Perth Amboy area of New Jersey. He arrived in America as an 18 yr. old youth from Dublin, Ireland to be an indentured servant (carpenter) under the auspices of Stephen & Thomas Warne, Dublin, Ireland. He remained in Monmouth, County for almost 20 years. On 9 August 1704 Walter, his wife Mary and nine of their fourteen children were baptized by Rev. Father John Sharpe, vicar of St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Burlington, NJ. In 1708 the family moved to Philadelphia. In 1712 he moved to Cecil County MD. The family became members of he St. Stephen's Church (Church of England in Earleville). It is believed that both Walter and his wife are buried there, but their grave markers have long been lost. His son Walter Jr. laid out the town of Newbury, later know as Newmanstown, New Jersey.

Rev. Samuel Newman (15 March 1713 - 1778) 65 yrs. old

Rev. Samuel Newman was born 15 March 1713 in Cecil Co., MD. He married Martha (?) (she may have had Virgin Island heritage) in 1737 in MD, near Philadelphia. They had seven children. He died in late 1778 or early 1779 in Newberry, County, SC (formerly Berkeley, County). He In 1738 or 1739 they moved from MD to Penn. on 12 July 1740 both he and his wife Martha were baptized in the Old Montgomery Baptist Church "on the Bethlehem Pike", Colmar, Pa. This was the first time members of the Newman family joined the Baptist Church. In the summer of 1744 they moved near the town of New Market, Shenandoah County, VA., then to Augusta County, VA. In 1749 to Frederick County, VA and in April 17665 they settled in Newberry County, SC. His will dated 1770 was probated 7 March 1779. He was recognized by the state for his service during the American Revolution.

Samuel Newman Jr. (1741 - February 1795) 54 yrs. old

Samuel Newman Jr. was born in 1741 in Penn. He was married to Eve Castleberry (originally Kesselberg, ancestors from Germany, sometimes Kesselbery, Kessleberry, Casselbury) in 1762/3 probably in Newberry County, SC. They received 350 acres from his father's will- located probably in Washington County, GA (the records were destroyed in the Civil War), but fell into Warren Co., GA in 1784 when the county was created. Eve was born in 1745 in VA (?). She died prior to 24 February 1795 in Warren County, GA. Samuel Jr. died between 24 February 1795 and 23 April 1795 in Washington (or Warren) County, GA.

Samuel Newman III (1771 - 1832) 61 yrs. old

Samuel Newman III was born in 1770 probably in Warren County, GA. He married Mary Ann(e) Lovett 27 October 1795 in Warren County, GA. She was born in 1775 (?) possibly in GA. She died 17 June 1835 in Ouachita Parish (near Monroe) LA and is buried in the cemetery adjoining the site of Bayou Bartholomew Baptist Church the grave probably washed into the bayou.

He died in 1832 in Ouachita Parish where he was buried. (His grave was probably washed away as well.) In the census of 1830 for Ouachita Parish he was listed as the owner of six slaves and owned a farm of 10 acres fronting the Bayou Bartholomew east of the Ouachita River. His farm was the location of Bayou Bartholomew Baptist Church which was constituted in 1830 or 1831, but became defunct about 1855.

Rev. Jonathan Absalom (?) Newman (13 August 1796 - 16 February 1879) 82 yrs. old

The Rev. Jonathan Newman was born 13 August 1796 in Warren County, GA. His mother was Anne Elizabeth Jordan. She was born 18 October 1799 in Elbert County, GA. She died in March 1880 in Uvalde, TX on the ranch of her son-in-law John Enos Coleman where she was buried. She and Jonathan were married 5 May 1817.

He died 16 February 1879 in Blaconia, Bee County, TX. He is buried in the cemetery of the Refugio Baptist Church. He and Anne moved from GA in the fall of 1818 or early 1819 to Jefferson County, Mississippi. In 1824 they moved to Catahoula Parish, LA where he helped to organize the Old Catahoula Baptist Church in 1826. In early 1827 they moved to Ouachita Parish, LA where he was ordained a Baptist minister 25 March 1838 by Rev. Haywood Alford and Rev. Arthur McFarland in Ouachita Parish, LA. He became the pastor of Bayou Bartholomew Church in Monroe, LA from 1838 to about 1885. He and his family moved to Goliad County, TX about 1855/57. According to the tax rolls there he owned eleven slaves and 275 acres of land from 1875 to 1865. He became blind but continued to preach in the First Baptist Church of Goliad- his wife reading for him when necessary.

He was a member of the Masonic Lodge (Western Star Lodge No. 61 at Monroe, La in 1851 & 1853. Upon moving to Texas he may have become a member of the Refugio Lodge located at old St. Marys.

George Alfred Clayton Newman (11 January 1819 - 27 November 1905) 86 yrs. old

George (Alfred) was born 11 January 1819 in Jefferson County, Mississippi. He was married 21 August 1842 to Harriet Catherine Arnold in Ouachita Parish, LA. After Harriet's death he married Jane Charlotte Campbell. Harriet was born 27 January 1827 probably in Ouachita Parish, LA. Jane died 7 October 1862 in Goliad County, TX.

He died 27 November 1905 in Bee County, TX. He did not use the name George after he came to Texas by 7 August 1854 when he was elected Count Commissioner of Bee County. In 1866 he was removed from office after the Civil War by Reconstruction Order 195. In 1882, 1886 and 1892 he was listed as a schoolteacher, farmer and miller. He served the Confederate States of America in Goliad County where he recruited for the army. After the war he couldn't run for office. He was appointed as a board member in 1873 when public free schools were established there. Sarah Jane Newman was his and Andrew Jackson Davis' daughter.

Descendants of Walter Newman