Saluria School Day Rememberance Program

May 25, 1917

Provided by Joey Madden Oglesby




According to Joey Madden Olgesby "The Tellers and Olsons were lighthouse keepers. The Olson girl married a Hanra? and he also became a light house keeper. Their daughter married Authur Barr who kept the lighthouse after that." "--- Mr. (Lloyd) Hawes was my best friend's father. We were like twins, everyone said if you saw one you saw the other. --- in his later years he was very ill and every day I would go to his house and give him shots --- whatever his ailment was he couldn't talk, so he had an Etch-o-Sketch. He and I would sit on his front porch, which was across from the store and he would write things to me and I would talk back to him."

About the Coast Guard Station:

When Joey was growing up all the Coast Guard boys would come into town to buy supplies. She related that one evening when she was 13 or 14 years old she and her best friend Betty were down at the docks to meet them and the Chief was with them. He said why don't you kids ride back with us [to Matagorda Island] we are coming right back. So they decided to ride in the boat with them to the island and back. On the way the biggest storm that you ever saw came up. Nobody knew were they were. The Chief was in a panic mode. He locked the girls in his office and told them to stay in there. After the norther had blown over he put them in a life boat and brought them back to town.

Another time she had friends who would visit from Aransas Pass in a little airplane. Joey would go flying with them sometimes on the weekends. They would fly real low over the Saluria Station and drop beer to the Coast Guard boys.