Chronology of Important Events for the Maddens


11 September - Dr. James Frederic Madden is born in Louisiana

1836 - Texas gains independence from Mexico

1836 - 1846 - The Republic of Texas

1846 - Texas becomes a state

20 Dec. - James Henry Madden, Sr. is born to Dr. John Frederic and Eveline Bludworth Madden


15 June - William Hanna Madden is born to Dr. John Frederic and Eveline Bludworth Madden


9 April - Flavilla Madden is born to Dr. John Frederic and Eveline Bludworth Madden

Madden Family still in Louisiana according to U.S. Census


Dr. James Madden and family living in Indianola, Texas according to U.S. Census

1861 - 1865

American Civil War

Dr. James Madden enlisted at the rank of Pvt. in the Indianola Guards, Co. A, 24th Brig TST (6th Texas Infantry) on 27 June 1861 in Indianola.

John Henry Madden, Sr. served in the 33rd. Texas Cavalry, Company K, Confederate States of America


25 October - Union gunboats off Pass Cavallo; Indianola captured


Dr. James Madden & Eveline living in Saluria, Texas (Matagorda Island) with Franklin 15, Flavilla 12 and an 8 year old son, Van Dorn


Franklin Poirtevant Madden (1855-1875) died as a result of the First Hurricane of Indianola (September 14-17, 1875).


Dr. James Frederic was 59 and Eveline was 54. They were living in Jackson County with Flavilla 21 and Van Dorn 18.


August 20 - Hurricane destroyed Indianola

6 July 1896 Dr. James Frederic Madden died as the result of a hurricane in Calhoun County, Texas and is buried in the Lamar Cemetery


23 October 1897 - William "Uncle Willie" Archie Madden was born to William Hannah and Margaret Wilkinson Madden in Seadrift


1914 - 1918

World War I

9 May 1914 "Uncle Willie" was married to Nona Cherry


11 December 1935 James Henry, Sr. died in Fulton, Texas

1939 - 1945

World War II

12 Nov 1938 William Hannah Madden died in Matagorda County (Matagorda), Texas

November 1940 - All residents of Matagorda were moved off the island

Flavilla Madden Brundrett died 18 August 1942 in Rockport, Texas


September 11 "Uncle Willie" was killed in Hurricane Carla (Category 5); Port O'Connor destroyed