William Castleberry

between 1715 and 1720 - after 1876

William Castleberry was born between 1715 and 1720 in Bucks County Penn. He died after 1876 probably in Newberry County, SC, but possibly in Orange, County, NC.

Two warrants for land in Bucks Co., Penn. were issued to Wm. Castlebury by Province of Penn. , surveys for 100 acres, 30 May 1738 and for 20 acres, 16 Nob. 1750; Both Wm. and wife (Margaret ?, born 1718 in Penn.?; married shortly before 1740 in vicinity of Bucks, County, Penn.) appear to have joined New Britain Baptist Church in New Britain Township, Bucks Co., Penn shortly after it was founded in 1754; Possibly as early as 174, but by 1755 Wm. and Margaret moved to Augusta, Co., VA where they became members of Linville Creek Bapt. Church (founded in 1755) i that part of Augusta Co. which is now included in Rockingham Co., in the Shenandoah Valley of Western Virginia. The church was situated near present village of Singers Glen (several churches included in circuit, one of them being in New Market, VA. (Minute Book, 6 Aug. 1756, opens with "church covenant," signed by Samuel Newman, Martha Newman, William Castle Berry and Margaret Castle Berry among others. One statement in minutes ad follows: "About a year before the constitution of the church William Castle Berry came and settled on Muddy Creek, in Augusta County, being both members of New Britain Church." The minutes of a business meeting of the church, the second Saturday of August, 1758, note that John Thomas and William Castle Berry were appointed to "lift the collection and deliver the same to the clerk by tale." (See Jesse W. Castleberry, M.D., 'Castleberry And Allied Families', 1967, pages 4-5), and 'Samuel W. Newman, The Long Trek of the Newman Family', 1980, pages 16-19); John W. Wayland, 'Virginia Valley Records', 1930, page 48 lists Samuel Newman, his wife, Martha Newman, William Castle Berry and his wife, Margaret Castle Berry as Charter Members of Limville Creek Baptist Church organized 6 Aug. 1756. On page 49 states that William Castle Berry and his wife, of Newbrittian Church, came and settled on Muddy Creek, Augusta County. See also page 50; Abstracts, Augusta Co., VA, Vol.III, Lockwood. (Deed Book No. 7, Augusta Co., VA, p. 174- 20th August 1755). p. 338. Robt. Rallstone & Martha (her mark) to Wm. Castleberry F 110, 350 acres on Muddy Creek. Teste: Emphaim Love and Arthur, Army Trader. Delivered: Grantee, March 1757; Castleberry; William and wife Margaret - Abstracts Rec'ds Augusta Co., VA,Vil III, Lockwood, P. 345: "Page 390 - 16th March1759 william & wife Margaret moved to Orange Co., NC where he purchased 382 acres of land from Francis Dry (Orange Co., NC. Registration of Deeds, 1752-1768, p. 39;

In Feb. 1764 Wm. deeded property to his son Paul (Ibid. p. 279); William and his son Richard enlisted in Capt. James Thackston's Company on May 1, 1771 and discharged June 29 (NC Colonial & State Records, 7. 22, p.451 (This was to quell a small Indian disturbance on the western frontier of the cololy - mountain country).

According to the material contained in Paul Catleberry's Revolutionary War Pension file, the family moved to Orange County, NC from the Tar River area of Virginia now in North Carolina (where Paul was born March 1, 1761). From Orange the family moved to Newberry District - no verification of this has been found(Samuel William Newman, 'The Long Trek of the Newman Family', 1980, pages 157-158) citing A.S. Salley, Jr. Stub Entries to Indents, etc. Bk X, Part II, p. 144 above); (Note: William Castleberry & Margaret had a son William, Jr. B. ca. 1750 prob. in Bucks Co., Penn. who went to GA about 1769 when almost nineteen years old who immediately after the Revolution was drafted and served some 9 months - in one battle - Eutah Springs, about 20 miles above Augusta, GA. It is not absolutely certain whether the William Castleberry who enlisted in Capt. James Thackston's Company on 1 May 1771 and discharged 29 June 1771 was William Castlebrry Sr. (above) or his son William M Castleberry, Jr. (b.ca.1750)

Information provided by Bruce Davis