Henry Castleberry

(Heinrich Kesselberg)

1656 - March 1729

Heinrich Kesselberg or Henry Castleberry was born in 1656 in Germany(?). He died on March 1729 in Germantown, Penn. He married Catherine (Katherine) in 1679/80 probably in Germany.

Catherine or Katherine Castleberry was born in 160 probably in Germany. She died in 1767/8 in Germantown, PA. Her will, Catherine Casselberry, "Widow of Henry" dated 3 March 1767, proved 8 January 1768 (Philadelphia Will Book G, p. 186) She is listed as a member of the First Memmonite Chruch on 23 May 1708 ('Castleberry Lineages', p. 1; PA Archives Ser. 2, Vol. 7). At the time her will was made she was a resident of Providence Township, Phila' County (now Montgomery County, Penn.

The name was variously spelled: Hendrick Kasselberg, Henry Kessleberry, Henry Kestleberry, Henry Casselberry and eventually became Henry Casselberry (later aiso Castle Berry). The Will of Henry Casselberry dasted 16 August 1729, proved 4 September 1729 (wife Katherine & son Dirick to be executors) (Phila. Will Book E, p. 110. 10 August 1729); Henry with wife and eldest child, Derrick, arrived in Philadelphia (Hull, Wm. I., 'Wm. Penn & the Dutch Quaker Migration to Penn', pp. 409-421; Wagner, John C., 'History of the Mennonites & the Franconia', p 12; T.E. Pendley, 'John Thomas Pendley & Allied Families', 1976, pp. 136-138; Castleberry, Jesse W., M.D., 'Castleberry & Allied Lineages', 1867, pp.1, 203.204,222.)

Henry Castleberry & family were Mennonites & likely came from the lower Rhine River region near Bachersdorf, near Burges, Germany (Pendley, p.138); 6 March 1691 Henry attempet to become naturalized which it was necessary to own land but he did not succeed until 1709 when process completed & confirmed by Queen in Council 20 Feb. 1713, Penn. Statues at Large, V, II, pp.299; Hull, p.409,421).

Henry (Heinrich) was one of 62 immigrants, including Francis Daniel Pastorius & Wm. Wittenhouse, who sought their citizenship thru an act signed by Thomas Lloyd, Deputy Governor of Penn. He signed his name as Heinrich Kasselberg, as witness to marriage of Henry Ffrey & Anna (?)overing by Acting J.P., Francis Daniel Pastorius, of Germantown. Like other Mennonites his grave is not marked; Deed Book E-5, Vol. 7, page 287, June 22, 1709, Edward Farmer of Farmerstown, one comprising 70 acres and the other (?) acres, he also owned a 90 acre tract in New Providence Township, Philadelphia,Co. (See Samuel W. Newman, 'The Long Trek of the Newman Family', 1980, p. 155) citing petition for inquest Jacob Castleberry, grandson of Henry, 28 Mar, 1768 - See Philadelphia Orphans Court, Mar. 28, 1768) John C. Wenger, 'History of the Mennonites of the Franconia Conference contains lists of the earliest Mennonites who came to Penn. On page 12, under the heading of "Lower Rhine" is first the name of Wm. Wittenhouse and then: Hendrick Kesselberg, but 1691, Tom Bakersdorf in the county of Burges (meaning vicinity or region).

There is a Kesselberg, Franconie - coat of arms reproduced in Jesse W. Castleberry's, 'Castleberry and Allied Families', 1967, p. 200 which is taken from 'Armorial General' by J.B. Rietstap, Vol. 2, page 1084. Also reproduced on page 200 is a coat of arms of Kesselberg - Silesie which is also taken from J.B. Reitstap's 'Armorial General' vol.2, p. 1084. On page 199 of Jesse W. Castleberry's book is a reproduction of a Castleberry coat of arms from a commercial company in the U.S., said to be from English Castleberry origin, but what relation to the German Kesselberg family above is unknown.

Kesselberg, an old family, formerly belonging to Silensian nobility and coming from Poland, which owned Grutberg in Oelich and other estates. Beniack v. Kesselberg willed the family castle "Die Veste Jaroczyn" or Kesselberg close to the Silesian county seat of the territory of Militsch, 1369, to Duke Conrad zu Oels and Christinna V. Kessleberg, married to Romulus V. Borau, gen. Kessle, died 1591 at Liegnitz. Later the name of the family occurs no more.

References: Snapius, I.S. 509 u. II. S. 721, - Gauhe, II. S. 1609, Siebmacher, I.59; v. Kesselberg, Schlesisch, v. Muding, II. S. 298 (References refer to Kesselberg family of Silensia). (Reference of Kesselberg, Franconie (France) see Jesse W. Castleberry's 'Castleberry and Allied Families, pages 201-202.)

Information provided by Bruce Davis