Brundrett Family Members

Flavilla and George Brundrett

L to R-- Sara Drake Brundrett and her sister-in-law (Hannah) Eveline Brundrett
George Lee Brundrett, Sr.


George Lee Brundrett, Jr.; Verna Flavilla Brundrett; Flavilla Madden Brundrett; Melba Irene Brundrett Mills and her husband, Charles Herbert "Herb" Mills


Horace and Fred Brundrett on Matagorda Island Ranch
Violet and Murdock Oliver Brundrett


Sara Drake Brundrett

Trip to Matagorda Island

Grandchildren of Geo. A. Jr. and Flavilla. Far left Melba Brundrett holding her brother
Geo. Lee, Jr.; 4th from left Verna Flavilla Brundrett


First Cousins' Reunion

L to R --Geo. Lee Brundrett, Jr., Alford Brundrett, Verna Brundrett Haseman, (Horace) Almon
Brundrett, Evie Dean Glasson Taylor, Howard Kinsey, Johnnie Glasson New, J.D. Kinsey, Jr. (grandchildren of
Flavilla and Geo. A. Brundrett, Jr.)

Three Generations of George Lee Brundretts

Geo. Lee Brundrett, III; Geo. Lee Brundrett, Sr.; & Geo. Lee Brundrett, Jr.