The Bludworth Family

Eveline Bludworth Maddenmarried Dr. James Frederic Madden 31 December 1844 in Sabine Parish, Louisiana. This couple were the first Maddens to come to Texas.

Eveline had brothers and sisters that came to Indianola as well. One of Eveline's sisters married a Dawes (International Shipping Tycoon) who bought the Shipyard. This Shipyard was moved to New Orleans and still exists today as the Bloodworth Shipyards in five locations.

The Bludworth Family were a personal friend of Thomas Jefferson and probably one the riches families in America in the late 1700's. They had thousands of slave when they left North Carolina/Virginia. They spent a short time in Georgia during the 1790's and then moved to Natchitoches, LA about 1805. There was a Senator Bludworth that married into the Virginia Applewhite Family. This family was the wealthiest family in the world. This family owned most of the Virginia Company of London when Jamestown was founded who got their wealth from Sir Francis Drake (an uncle with no kids). The Applewhites helped to fund the American Revolution.

The Bludworth's came to Texas from French and English roots. The Potevant's of France are the French connection. The infamous "Thomas Bludworth" ("Bloodworth"), Lord Mayor of London, was said to have uttered "a whore could piss it out" while London burned to the ground and is thought with some certainty to be an ancestor. He was soon "fired" from the position.

The Bludworth's ended up on the east coast of the US and started coming to Texas from Wilmington, NC in the last half of the 1800's via Nachitoches, LA to Rockport Texas where they settled on Bludworth Island for many years.They later moved up the Texas coast with many of them working in the Marine Industry in Orange Galveston and Houston.