Preston Edward Madden

25 September 1908 - 25 December 1990

82 years old

Fourth Generation Maddens

First marriage to Eldora Herford (Walker) - no children.

Second marriage to Fleda Lanielle (Cross) on 15 September 1940


Barbara "Bobbie Nell"

- by Lanielle's previous husband

Gary Wayne

31 March 1946 - Houston, TX

Michael Larry

10 September 1953 - Houston, TX

Patrick Kerry

5 June 1955 - Houston, TX

Gary and Pat Madden,his sons and Lanielle, his wife took Preston's ashes over to Matagorda Island and spread them on the Island at the Lighthouse where he loved to be as a kid. Gary had to secure permission to be able to let us take his ashes there and spread them there, since it’s a Federal preserve now.
Preston would tell the kids when he was young he would take every chance to spend time at the lighthouse, the lighthouse keeper was related somehow.