Lottie Zelpia Weber Madden

9 Nov. 1890 - 26 Jan. 1982

92 yrs old

Third Generation Madden


Lottie Zelpia Weber married William Robert on 19 July 1911. She was born 9 Nov. 1890 in Fulton, TX and died 26 Jan. 1982 in Fulton. She is buried in the Rockport Cemetery.

Children of and Lottie Zelphia and William Robert:

i. Emily Odelia

She was born in 1912 in Fulton, Texas. She died 13 November 1979 in Aransas Pass, San Patricio County, Texas. She was buried 14 November 1979 in Prarie View Cemetery (presumably in Aransas Pass, Texas). She had lived in Aransas Pass for forty years. (See obituary in The Rockpoprt Pilot, Sunday, 18 November 1979).

She married first a Mr. Murray, second, Dorin Box, third Homer Grimes. Probably the oldest grave in the Rockport Cemetery is that of Marmaduke Box born 9 October 1790, died 18 June 1874. He was a Private in the Georgia Militia in the War of 1812. The grave of Nancy Rewell Box born 1793, died 1896 and doubtless the wife of Marmaduke. Emily Madden did not leave any children.

ii. Willie Elizabeth

She was born 12 Feb 1914 in Fulton, AransasCo., Texas, and died 10 Jan 1980 in AransasPass, Patricio Co.Texas.

She married Roger Mostella and had two children , Sandra and Thomas "Tommie" Robert Mostella.

iii. Ada E.

She was born 27 Jan. l9l8 in Fulton, Aransas Co., Texas, and died 1 Sept., 1970 in Texas.

Married first, J. Harry Baldwn, second Alfred Fuhrman (?). No children.

iv. Robert Lynn

He was born 5 March 1920 in Fulton, AransasCo., Texas, and died 3 Jan. 1990 in Fulton, AransasCo., Texas.

He married Helen Hodges. She was married first to a Mr. Newby and had a son, Ronnie Newby. Robert Madden and Helen (Hodges) Madden had a daughter, Lynn Madden who married Bob Hews.

Photos of Lottie and Relatives

Willie "Beth" Mostilla Madden and Lottie on a shopping trip.

Lottie and her husband WR "Willie" sitting on the porch.