James Henry "Harry" Jr. Madden

28 November 1875 - 7 December 1960

85 years old

Third Generation Madden

Son of:

James Henry Madden, Sr.

20 December 1846 - 11 December 1935

Elvira Amanda Logan Madden

4 November 1850 - 17 May 1930


James Henry "Harry", Jr. & Nannie "Nan" beside the "Big Tree" on Goose Island Peninsula

He was born on 28 November 1875 in Cuaranchua, Texas. He died on 7 December 1960 in Seadrift, Calhoun County, Texas and is buried in the Seadrift Cemetery.

He married Nannie "Nan" Irene Casterline 27 May ?

She was born 1 March 1888 and died 17 July 1975. She is also buried in the Seadrift Cemetery. She was the daughter of Charles Henry Casterline who was born in Florida. He died 19 September 1920 in Fulton and is buried in the Fulton Cemetery. Nannie (Reed) Casterline was born in Mississippi. Records show that her father was born in Austria and is buried in the Seadrift Cemetery. The researcher, Bruce Davis, recorded that Nannie (Reed) Casterline may have been Elizabeth Reed and that she was an orphan who was reared by Mr. Bonham.

Charles Henry Casterline & Nan

Family Photos of their children and grand children

Children of James Henry "Harry" Jr. and Nannie "Nan" Irene Casterline:

i. Alvin Augusta - born 5 Aug 1910; died 8 Feb 1979

ii. Milton Harold- born 30 Jan 1913; died 26 Dec 1919 (died at 6)

iii. James Henry III - born 27 Feb 1915; died 7 Mar 1987

iv. Nannie "Irene" - born 28 Aug 1918; died 16 Sept 2010

v. Iris - born 24 Nov 1920; died 5 April 2012

vi. Irma Lee - born 11 May 1922; died 17 Aug 2005

vii. Olive "Marie" - born 30 December 1934

viii. Winnie Mae - born 22 Sept 1927; died 21 June 1992

ix. Olen Ray - born 22 Sept 1927; died 22 Sept 1927 (died at birth)

Children of Alvin Augusta and Fern Lorene Holder Madden:

i. Alvin Douglas "Doug"

ii. Alva Lorene

iii. David Harold

iv. Dennis Paul

Children of James Henry III and Edith See Madden:

i. James Henry IV

ii. Joyce Ann

iii. Jerry Richard

iv. Jonathan Dale

Children of Nannie "Irene" and Earl Melvin Wooldridge:

i. Barbara Elaine

ii. Charlotte Earlene

iii. Gary Lynn

iv. Edwin Lewis

Children of Iris and Christopher Parker:

i. Wanda Jean

ii. Carole Lou

iii. Debra Sue

Children of Irma and 1Ramond Wayne See:

i. Deryl "Wayne" "Butch"

ii. James Ray

iii. Norman Jeryl

Children of Irma and 2Fred Coward:

i. Joel Lynn

ii. Jerry Fred

Children of Olive "Marie" and Kenneth Wayne Nichols:

i. Kenneth Wayne, Jr.

ii. Rodney Dale

Child of Winnie Mae and 1Robert Eugene Lindsey:


Child of Winnie Mae and 2Cecil Whitney: