William Hanna(h) "Willie" Madden

15 June 1849 - 12 Nov 1938

89 years old

Second Generation Madden


Dr. James Frederic Madden

11 September 1820 - 6 July 1896

Eveline Bludworth (Madden)

18 March 1826 - 17 April 1888


William Hanna was born on 15 June 1849 in Rapides Parish (Rapides), Louisiana and died 12 Nov 1938 in Matagorda County (Matagorda), Texas. The 1900 US Census shows he and his wife Margaret living in Calhoun, County with their six children. The last US Census lists him at 81 years old and Margaret at 77 still living in Precinct 4, Calhoun County. Joey Oglesby, a cousin living in Port O'Connor remembers he and his son, Wiliam Archie "Uncle Willie" living together on Matagorda Island before the government moved everyone off November, 1940. She didn't know how long they had lived together on the island.

In the 1930 US Census in Precinct 4, Calhoun, County he was 81 yrs old living with Maggie 77, Willie 43 and Laura C. Madden 49.

He married Margaret Wilkinson in 27 February 1879 in Calhoun County, Texas on 27 Feb 1879. She was born Abt. 1853 in Texas.

The 1870 US Census in Matagorda, Calhoun, County, nine years before her marriage, lists her as a 17 yr old living with John Wilkinson 57, George Wilkinson 27, Arthur Wilkinson 23, Archibald Wilkinson 15, Fanny Wilkinson 13 and Robert Wilkinson 10. There is no mention of a mother living with them.

"William Hanna Madden (1849-1938) married Margarette Wilkerson (1852-1931) whose children remained in the Calhoun, Aransas, and Harris Counties, Texas. The Wilkerson family was from Leeds, Kent England who arrived at Saluria, Matagorda Island about 1850. Margarette’s father (John H. Wilkerson 1818-1903) was a ship’s carpenter on Matagorda Island. William Hanna Madden was a stockman, cattle drover, and sailor on Matagorda Island and the Blackjacks. His son Frederick John Madden (1883-1968) married into the Davis Family whose father in law was Andrew Jackson Davis (1846-1921) who also served in the Duff’s Partisan Rangers (33rd Regiment, Texas Calvary CSA) and cattle drover with Thaddeus Bunker (1843-1913) and James Henry Madden (1846-1935)." - John Phillips

Children of William Hanna "Willie" Madden and Margaret Wilkinson:

i. Ruth Elvira- born 1889

ii. Aura - born 1881

iii. Frederick " Fred" John - 25 January 1883 - 15 November 1968

iv. Jane "Janie" "Dana" (Patterson)- born 1884

v. William "Willie or Billy" Archie - 23 October 1887 - 11 September 1961

vi. Margaret "Maggie" (Webb) - born 1893