Flavilla Eveline Madden Brundrett

9 April 1858 - 18 August 1942

84 years old

Second Generation Madden


Dr. James Frederic Madden

11 September 1820 - 6 July 1896

Eveline Bludworth (Madden)

18 March 1826 - 17 April 1888


Flavilla was born 9 April 1858 in Louisiana, and died 18 August 1942.

She married George Albert Brundrett, 27 February 1884 in Aransas County, son of George Albert Brundrett and Mary Hannah Hollingsworth. He was born 28 January 1836 in Detroit, Michigan and died 9 October 1920 in Rockport, Texas. He was buried in Rockport.

They lived in Rockport and had nine children. Those that remember her recall that she loved children and was always helping out families of the area who were “in need.” She was a staunch Presbyterian and was very active in her church until the day she died.

An article in the Rockport paper on January 15, 1937 explains that she was a "pioneer in religious work."

"Flavilla Eveline Madden (1858-1942) married George Albert Brundrett Jr. (1836-1920) whose children remained in the Blackjacks (present Aransas National Wildlife Refuge) in Calhoun and Aransas Counties, including Rockport Texas. The Brundrett family was from Lancashire, England by way of New York and Detroit Michigan. His father was George A. Brundrett, Sr. who was a Sea Captain in the Great Lakes prior to bringing troops and supplies to the Texas Coastal Bend during the Mexican War of 1845. George Sr. was one of the first aldermen of Corpus Christi.

He operated a sailing vessel between Corpus Christi and Port Isabel and was thrown over overboard while crossing the Aransas Bar and drowned in 1847. His widow (Hanna) and children (Sarah Ann, George Jr, John, Mary, Eliza, Thomas, and nephew Henry) moved to Bludworth Island, St. Joseph Island, and eventually to Lamar, Texas. George Albert Brundrett Junior was an infamous Boat Captain running the US blockade in shallow bay waters from Galveston to Port Isabel during the US Civil War. He served as a Private in Hobby’s 8th Regiment, Texas Infantry and after the war was a prominent Sea Captain, Stockman in the Blackjacks, and Cattle Drover." - John Phillips



Flavilla and George A. Brundrett, Jr.
Their house in Rockport at 1028 N. Live Oak now has an historical marker


Children of Flavilla and George Brundrett:

i. Hannah Eveline BRUNDRETT was born 23 NOV 1884, and died AUG 1931. (Never married)

ii. George Lee BRUNDRETT, Sr. was bom 25 MAY1886, married Sara Thompson Drake (3 children)

iii. Mary Flavilla BRUNDRETT was born 27 JUL 1887, and died in infancy (3 days old).

iv. John Frederick BRUNDRETT was born 8 SEPT 1888 in Texas and died in Rockport, Texas. Married Elizabeth Valentine DRAKE. (no children)

v. Murdock Oliver BRUNDRETT was born 22 FEB 1890. (2 children)

vi. Alice Olivia BRUNDRETT was bom 7 OCT 1891, and died 28 NOV 1900. (9 years old)

vii. Ethel Emily BRUNDRETT was born 23 MAR 1893 in Blackjack Peninsula, and died 22 JAN 1976 in Aransas Pass, Texas. (4 children)

viii. Flavilla Violet "Villie" BRUNDRETT was born 27 AUG 1896, and died 7 MAR 1933. (3 children)

ix. Gertrude "Trudie" Ivy BRUNDRETT was born l0 SEP 1898. (2 children)
x. Horace Almon BRUNDRETT was born 12 JAN 1900 in Texas. (4 children)